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The Art of Getting By
Wednesday, December 21, 2011, 7:01 PM

I usually don't write movie reviews, mainly because I'm not good at them, and also because I've never felt like I needed to write one. This one though, had too many negative reviews online, and I thought I should write something a little bit more...positive.

The movie isn't like, Oscars-nominee material, but something about it is so beautiful. I just read a few reviews--I got sick of their opinions way too quickly--and one of them said that there were way too few of lines, too much silence. But something about that silence works, for me at least. It's good silence, the kind that makes the movie better.

At first, I started watching this movie because, well, Emma Roberts was in it, and the few movies I have seen of hers have been quite crappy (I'm sorry to Emma Roberts fans!) and I was going to clean my room, so it would be nice to have a bad movie playing in the background (I wouldn't have to focus on it too much) so I could entertain myself while doing something so annoying as cleaning my room. Of course, I ended up sitting on the floor, with the laptop in front of me, and a chicken foot in my hand, for the entire length of the movie, minus the credits (who watches them?). The first few lines of Freddie Highmore's character really got me:

"I was depressed...I realized I'm going to die one day...I just couldn't shake this awareness of my mortality. Everything seemed meaningless."

"I guess I'm kind of a misanthrope. It's a fact, not a choice."

"You live alone, you die alone, everything else is just an allusion."

"There are so many more important things to think about... Homework is just an afterthought..I'm the Teflon Slacker. It's more like growing in a dying time. What are we working towards? What's the point?...I fear life."

I know these are kinda spread apart and not in order, but I liked them. Not that I would requote them necessarily, but they were...like the silence; It supported the film in a way.

Anyways, I think what really made me enjoy the movie was because I couldn't agree more with Freddie's character. Just like him, I don't understand the point of being alive. In conclusion, I think this is just a biased review.

But actually, after a while, I got sick of the movie and how it spiraled into the cliche love/teenage story. I wished they had worked more on delving into this side of humanity, the pessimistic view on life, and how yes, in the end we do die, so why do we have to go through all this shit--all these hardships just to end up buried underneath the ground?

That's my question. Just like Freddie's character, I'm a misanthrope. And now that I think of it, it's actually not a choice, it's a fact. I don't mean to be depressing.

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