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Make It or Break It
Wednesday, May 25, 2011, 9:22 PM

Austin: “What was that, man?”
Max: “That was a kiss. I kissed you.”
Austin: “Why?”
Max: “Because I wanted to.”
Austin: “So, what? You’re gay?”
Max: “No.”
Austin: “You just like to kiss guys?”
Max: “And girls.”
Austin: “So if you’re not gay.. and you’re not straight… that makes you….?”
Max: “Bisexual.”
Austin: “C’mon.”
Max: “What? A guy can’t be bisexual? Because that defies some sort of stereotype of masculinity?”
Austin: “I don’t know. I’ve never known any bisexual guys.”
Max: “Well, you know me.”
Austin: “Not as well as I thought I did.”
Max: “So you’re freaked out?”
Austin: “I don’t know. It’s sort of hard to understand.”
Max: “Exactly. And if I tell Lauren or Payson that I’m also attracted to guys, you think they’ll understand? Or be turned off? Or, like most people, think that I’m gay, but I just can’t admit it. I wish I was just gay. Life would be a lot simpler.”
Austin: “I don’t know what to say.”
Max: “Of course you don’t. ‘Cause it’s so easy being Austin Tucker, huh? You have no idea what it’s like to be me, man. Nobody does. And I can’t explain why I’m attracted to guys and girls. But I don’t want to hurt anyone. Especially Payson. I mean, how’s a girl like that not going to be freaked out? You think she’d still love me if she knew who I really was?”
Austin: “So that’s why you didn’t go for it? I think if you really care about her, then you have to tell her.”


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