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Thursday, June 4, 2009, 4:28 PM

I regret that moment when I could have told you.
The moment when we were walking side by side.
I could have told you.
But I was scared.
I wanted to tell you.
But I was too shy.
My heart leaps when I think back to what I could have done.
But it's too late now because you're gone.
I always hope that you will come instead,
but boys will be boys.
I'm the girl who doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve.
I'm the girl who "runs when love rushes toward her."
You were the first one I could talk to and laugh with.
"Love can be yours, if you step up to the counter, and order."
So I tried and tried, but I always backed down and rethought about my order.
I'm a girl who's afraid of changes.
I'm a girl who hopes for her Prince Charming.
I'm the girl who wishes you could just order.
"So many years my heart has waited."

A poem written by me! Regretting the fact that I didn't tell my crush that I like him. <3

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