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Okay, this is old but still
Thursday, June 18, 2009, 8:16 PM

I wanted to blog about it. Because it's related to Lauren Conrad. And I love her style.

♥ LC and Whitney's outfit...

...but I do think they should be a stylist for the others.

[Lo looks okay but still. I notice that in pictures, if she's with LC, she can never compare. Sad really, if she wants to be a fashion poseur, she should at least do a better job of it.]

[And Audrina? oh my, she usually looks much better but she picked the wrong dress and heels. The dress makes her look fat and short, and the heels add on to the shortness.]

[And oh god, Stephanie? need i say anything? even the least fashionable person should be able to tell that she's a disgrace. She's not fat, but in this picture she sure looks like it. The shoes are great, but as you go up... Oh god.Oh god. Oh god. The world is about to end. From the thigh up, she looks like a tall person squashed into a fat dwarf.]

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