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"La Merde" Chapter 5
Sunday, June 21, 2009, 2:29 PM

The Girl: Nadine Chapel
The Look: A fur vest worn over a Notte by Marches pink dress, paired with black Louboutins, and a white Valentino Petale Rose Dome bag
The Location: Per Se Restaurant, Upper West Side, NY
Date: Evening of Sunday, June 13 2008
Climate: Warm and cool

Nadine took another bite of her salad when her phone vibrated.


Sophia [20:11:03]: We need to talk

Chantelle [20:11:06]: Why?

Sophia [20:11:10]: Meet me in the bathroom, all three of you.

Nadine [20:11:13]: mk

Celia [20:11:17]: You go first.


"Excuse me," Sophia slid out of the booth, "I'll be back in just a moment."
All the girls continued eating, while the guys looked up and then back down at their food. It had been a quiet night so far.
After about five more minutes of awkward silence, Nadine said, "I'm gonna go check on Sophia." She slid out of her seat and placed her napkin next to the plate.
"Same here," Chantelle and Celia said, as they raced after Nadine.
Once they entered the powder room, everyone became quiet. Especially the teenagers.
"OhmygawdareyouNadineChapelthemodel?" A wide-eyed girl asked.
Nadine smiled. "Yes I am."
"Ohmygawsh! You looked ah-mazing in this month's Vogue!" Another girl pushed her way through the crowd.
Nadine giggled. "That's sweet. Thank you."
"EVERYONE!" Sophia shouted.
Everyone shut their mouths and turned to face Sophia.
"Ohmygawd! You're Sophia Vasques!" The same girl exclaimed.
Everyone quickly picked up their bags and threw away their paper towels, scared that Sophia would do another one of her jumping on the tables and getting a whole room of people arrested.
As soon as everyone left, Sophia shut the door and tried to lock it. She turned around and glared at her friends. "What took you guys so long?" Sophia huffed.
"I didn't want the guys to be suspicious." Nadine replied.
"So what'd you wanna tell us?" Chantelle asked eagerly.
"You really want to know?" Sophia eased them on.
"I have a salad to attend to..." Nadine hated playing games, though she would give up salad for gossip any day, any time.
"Ok... well..." Her eyes glanced from Nadine to Celia to Chantelle and then to the chairs. "You guys might wanna sit down."
"You're pregnant!" Chantelle shouted.
"Ohmygawdno! Sit down!" Sophia yelled.
"Woah there," Nadine joked.
Sophia's eyes blazed.
"Okay okay, I've sat down."
Celia, who had been quiet through the whole thing, looked up at Sophia and asked quietly, "So what is it?"
"What is it? What is it? Girls, our friend here has a husband who is cheating on her, and our friend here has known about it for quite a while."
"Phiii!" Celia shot up from her seat.
Sophia shrugged in return. "Friends don't keep secrets from each other." She placed her hands on her hips.
Celia opened her mouth. Then closed it. Then opened it. Then closed it and sat down.
"Wait... so Rick...?" Nadine was worried.
"Yes, he's cheating on me." Celia confessed.
"And yet you sound so calm about it..." Chantelle was confused.
"Like I said," Sophia leaned into Chantelle's view, "she has already known about it for quite a while."
"Why?" Nadine asked.
"Because of the money situation." Sophia blurted.
"But you're the rich one," Chantelle put in.
"Ohmygawd that's right!" Sophia sat down, bewildered that she hadn't remembered the obvious fact. "So tell us sweetie, what is it then?"
The girls watched Celia walk back and forth through the room, until she finally stopped in front of them. "Because...I don't want to ruin my reputation," she said it quietly.
"Wait, woah, wait, what?" Chantelle asked. "Nothing could ruin your reputation Ce."
"Uh, yeah it could. In a way," Sophia said.
"That makes me feel a lot better," Celia slumped onto the couches.
"Well, divorcing your husband is fine. But divorcing your husband who has been cheating on you for a long time, and yet you've known about it, is a pretty big deal. And it's an embarrassment for that person." Sophia turned to face Celia as if to apologize for putting it all out there, but everyone knew she didn't apologize for the truth.
"Well if it makes you feel any better, someone's stalking me." Nadine blurted.
The girls eyes widened.
"Who?" Chantelle asked.
"I-," she caught herself, "I don't know."
"Scary," Chantelle fake-shivered. "But wait... why would someone stalk you?"
Celia giggled to herself. "Our little model here is goooooorgeous."
Sophia rolled her eyes. "So..." she played with her bag's straps, "Anything big for you, Chantelle?"
"Uh... Jordan and I had a fight on the way back."
"Oh gawd, what was it about?" Celia gently placed her hand on Chantelle's shoulder.
"Sex." Chantelle covered her face with her hands and slumped into the chair.
"Oh sweetie," Celia stroked Chantelle's hair, "I'm proud of you for standing up for your values and not letting him pressure you. I wish I had done what you're doing."
The others nodded in agreement.
Celia lifted up her head. "Thanks," she squeaked.
The sound of knocking interrupted their conversations. "Are you ladies alright in there?" A deep and loud voice asked through the door.
"Yeah!" Sophia shouted back. "Shit," she said to the girls, "we need an excuse."
"Uh, um, uh." Chantelle was bouncing up and down trying to think of something.
"Uh...wait, we don't need an excuse. We're all known and pretty, we can use it to our advantage!" Nadine said.
Celia laughed, "Well it does work." She shrugged.
"Everyone to my house afterwards." Nadine announced before she opened the door and revealed her gorgeous face for the security to ogle at.

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