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"La Merde" Chapter 4
Saturday, June 6, 2009, 12:31 AM

The Girl: Sophia Vasques
The Outfit: Black Elizabeth and James ruched sleeved blazer over a simple white t-shirt, worn with light gray skinny jeans, Jimmy Choo strappy sandals, completed with a pair of Chanel sunglasses and bag.
The Location: Outside of Celia's townhouse in the Upper East Side
Date: Sunday, June 13 2008
Weather: Sunny

"Hey Phi," Celia hugged her good friend in greeting. "Did Rick not let you in?"
"No one responded." Sophia said while touching up her makeup outside Celia's door.
"Weird... he should be home still..." Celia said suspiciously as she unlocked the door.
Sophia shrugged as she walked in. "I can never get enough of your place." She sat herself down on one of the kitchen chairs.
"Paaaaatriiiiickkk!" Celia hollered towards the living room. There was no response. "Danielle?" She peered into the living room but there was no one.
"Paaaaatriiiiickkk!" Celia shouted up the stairs.
"Where's he?" Sophia crept up behind Celia.
"I don't know," her voice sounded like she was panicking. She started running up the stairs but tripped on her heels so she flung them off.
"Uh... you can take the elevator..." Sophia was confused. What was the rush?
Celia snapped her head around, "Don't get smartass with me Phi."
It was at these rare moments when Sophia knew to shut up.
Celia continued running up, Sophia following close behind. They reached the second floor and heard noises coming from the library.
"Stay here," Celia whispered to Sophia as she crept towards the noises.
Sophia who had never followed the rules, waited a few seconds before trailing along behind.
"You bastard!" She heard Celia yell, and ran over to peek over her shoulder. The sight made her gasp.
Celia started crying, something no one had ever seen happen, and spun around to run away but was caught by Sophia's open arms. Sophia hugged her crying friend, ignoring the tears that were dripping onto her new Elizabeth and James blazer. She had begun to get teary-eyed with the sight of Celia crying, but instead started yelling at Rick who was walking over to apologize. "Espero que quemas en el infierno, cabron!" She pushed his arms away from reaching Celia and gave him the infamous death glare. "Don't you dare touch her you asshole. And if you ever do, I'll have my people come and beat you to a bloody pulp. You hear me? Fire your mistress by the way, she sucks at making pancakes anyways." Sophia walked towards the elevators with her arm around Celia and whispered comforting words into her ears. Before the doors closed, Sophia told Rick, "Don't come to dinner."

After a very quiet ride back to Sophia's, Celia finally said something. "You didn't have to do that."
"Why not? I'm your friend, and we help each other out."
"He's been cheating on me for a while now."
Sophia was quiet for a while. She grabbed a strawberry from the plate of fruit she had set out, placed both her feet on the coffee table, and asked a simple "Why would you let him do that?"
Celia sighed. It was definitely Confession Sunday. "Because..." she was embarrassed.
"Yeah..." Celia decided that was a better answer.
"Well then, that wasn't so hard was it?" Sophia gave Celia a pity smile.
Celia gave Sophia a quick hug. "I think I'm gonna go for a quick swim. Can I borrow your black one-piece?"
Sophia laughed. "Yeah yeah go ahead." It was fortunate that all four of them wore the same size.
Celia walked down the hallway and up the stairs, her back straight and head held high. Sophia sighed as she watched her friend walk away.
"So... your friend is allowing her husband to cheat on her because she just wants his money?" Someone from behind Sophia asked.
"It's none of your business Alejandro. Go back and work on your Sudoku or whatever." Sophia didn't even turn around to face her live-in chef. Ever since that rare night when she was drunk and had not brought some guy back to her house, and decided to have sex with Alejandro, he had continued to annoy her by trying to start a conversation.
"Why are you so mean?" He asked with his thick Brazilian accent.
"Because, it is none of your business." Sophia got up and turned towards the stairs when she was suddenly stopped. "Oh for goodness sake Alex, put on a shirt or something."
"What? You have seen me with no clothes on." Alex dropped the towel that had been tied around his hips.
Sophia rolled her eyes.
"Oh my gawd." Celia had just come back down when she saw Alex's butt.
"Great, just great." Sophia glared at Alex before facing Celia. "Ignore him. He's Brazilian."
Celia nodded, even though she didn't exactly understand why he would randomly walk around the house naked. But then it was Sophia's house.
"Go ahead, I'll be out in a bit." Sophia smiled at Celia, who grabbed her sunglasses and a towel, and headed out the front door to the pool. "So Alex, after you get dressed, could you make some smoothies and bring them out to the pool for us? Thanks." Sophia said as she headed up the stairs.

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