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Thursday, May 21, 2009, 6:32 PM

A review I found on hulu.com by Michael M.

SNL has always been a little hit-or-miss, but the last half dozen seasons have really tested my faith in this classic show's writers. This skit is a perfect example of lackluster writing. Being a member of SNL used to mean that you were talented and, if you were in need of an extra funny bone.. or acting bone.. or musical bone.. being part of this show would throw you one.Long have the good days of SNL writing passed. No more O'Brian - Schneider comedy stew, no more Seth, no more Sandler, no more david spade, and sure as heck no more Gilda Radner. All gone, either passing on from this life all together or just moving away from the SNL family, these fantastic writers only to name a few are but memories of the good comedy writing we once knew and loved.Now, we face a "new-age" of writing. I style that is a combination of slapstick and crude innuendos, but slapstick can be too hard to deliver on a live stage and crude humor should be an "accent".. not a "main course". This show has strayed away from intelligent humor hidden within silliness without extinguishing the literal value of the show itself and the time the viewer is putting into watching it. You get the feeling they're looking to attract a younger audience, much younger.. to the point that their target audience might as well be in bed by SNL's air time.As I step down from my soap box in hopes that someday soon the writers at SNL will awaken to an understanding of "funny" as their predecessors no doubt once did. That, or just fire them all and start over from scratch.

I definitely agree with this for whenever I watch SNL clips, none of them make me laugh really- it's just stupidity and annoying jokes that are somehow appealing to today's children who listen to rap that say motherfucker every few seconds.

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