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"La Merde" Chapter 2
Sunday, May 17, 2009, 9:15 PM

The Girl: Celia Lavynske
The Outfit: Stella Mccartney silk pants worn as high-waisted, over a Matthew Williamson embellished tulle tank top. Finished with a See by Chloe blazer, Jimmy Choo heels, Chloe pleated clutch, and Gucci oversized sunglasses
The Location: in the back of a towncar, New York
Date: Sunday, June 13 2008
Weather: Sunny

"Bye hon," Celia kissed Nadine's cheek. "We need to talk," she whispered in Nadine's ear before they parted and into their separate town cars.
"To home, Carl," Celia commanded to her driver as she dialed Patrick's number.
"Hey Ce, what's up?" Her husband said once he picked up. Celia always loved his early-morning-just-woken-up voice, and it was even better that he had a British accent.
"I'm coming home from brunch with the girls, do you want anything? I can stop by somewhere." Celia smiled into the phone, she always loved spoiling him. She knew she'd be horrible at being a good parent.
"Mhmmm..." he thought for a second, "I'll have Danielle make some pancakes or something for me, no worries honey bear. But thanks." Celia could tell through the phone that he was doing that sexy smile of his.
"Okay then, well I'll see you in about ten. Kisses." Celia ended the call when her phone vibrated.
[12:11:34] Serena: C, better come over to pick up some of the stuff for the charity next week!
[12:11:39] Celia: Oh yeah, I almost forgot, thanks for reminding me- I'll be right there!
"Sorry Carl, but we'll have to go to Serena's first."
"Yes ma'am," Carl replied.
[12:12:01] Celia: Hey hon, got to go to S's to finish up for the charity next week- see you in about an hr!
She waited for a reply, but there was none. In the shower, she thought.
Her phone vibrated again. "Or not," she mumbled as she look down at the phone's screen. "Oh gawd," she said once she saw who it was.
"CEEEEEEE!" Sophia shouted through the phone.
Celia winced. "Did he leave you again?" She asked in a motherly tone. It was their usual weekly ritual.
"Yes and he... he.... he," she was sobbing, "he locked me out!!!!!!!" She was hiccuping and blowing her nose at the same time. It sounded like a mess.
"I'm guessing you're at my place?" Celia asked.
"Yes! And Rick isn't responding to my calls or anything!"
"I'll be right there, don't worry hon." Sophia ended the call before she became permanently deaf.
"I'm so so sorry Carl but, it's Sophia." Celia made an 'I'm-sorry-but-what-can-I-do?' face.
"No worries Mrs. Lavynske."
[12:18:47] Celia: Sophia's downstairs, let her up. I'll be there asap.
[12:18:52] Celia: Sorry but I can't right now, later? Or maybe tomorrow?"
[12:19:07] Serena: Fine
Celia sighed and looked out the window. So much for a peaceful day.

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