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2009 MTV Movie Awards- Fashion pt.1
Sunday, May 31, 2009, 7:13 PM

So i've always read the blog posts about some event's fashion, and they're fun to read but I've decided to post my own :]]]

so lets begin.

the wtf award goes to...

1. Sandra Bullock! WTF was she wearing. the tights, holy moly, take them off. Isn't it almost summer now too? Everything else is okay.

2. And Miley Cyrus, the shoes are okay, but everything else is just the-40-year-old-who-accidentally-wore-the-wrong-outfit. It's not even in Miley Cyrus' age category to start with! She needs to fire her stylist. She has never looked her age. Failure at fashion. tsk tsk
3. Abigail Breslin. dub u tee eff. you're even younger than miley and you're wearing that?? It doesn't work. i mean the blazer and the scarf are okay but all those dark colors- gothic much?

4. Oh gawd. Another WTF? The shoes, they're not her. Not at all. And that pose? Work on it darling. The dress might be okay, but the pose just ruined everything. bleh

5. Ugh. The shoes don't go with that outfit. and that hair. do something about it please! This looks like she styled herself.

A better picture of LC: [gawd her hair's so long!]

She looks so cute!! She styles herself right? Well maybe she should, maybe, [XD] think of being a stylist hehehe. Love her style. ♥

Best couple pose:

Paris doesn't look bad. The two are actually a cute couple. [No, I am not saying you should idolize Paris Hilton.] Shawn and Mark- haha cute pose. Mark's pretty sexy XD. Shawn's a bit casual...
Another "couple":

So cute!!!

Zach needs to trim or whatever. the really long look does not look good on him at all:

Mmm. For interesting choice...

Leighton Meester! I mean, i get if she was trying to be like Miranda Kerr, but eh, it doesn't really work. I mean i applaud you for trying, but it only works for certain people.

and another nice-try-but-it's-not-for-your-body-type:

Sexaayyyyyy Beast!!!! Rawrrr ♥

fucking hot.

my dream stylist [other than rachel zoe]


Great dress. Love the heels. hair... different... ok... works

WORKS LOVELY!! The dress probably only works on her :]

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