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Twilight Trailer!
Sunday, May 31, 2009, 9:10 PM

Ahhhhh! I hated Twilight but I think New Moons is gonna rock! XD. I'm glad Robert won't be in this movie as much. Taylor looked so hot when he came on screen!!!!!!! hehehehe♥

2009 MTV Movie Awards- Fashion pt.1
, 7:13 PM

So i've always read the blog posts about some event's fashion, and they're fun to read but I've decided to post my own :]]]

so lets begin.

the wtf award goes to...

1. Sandra Bullock! WTF was she wearing. the tights, holy moly, take them off. Isn't it almost summer now too? Everything else is okay.

2. And Miley Cyrus, the shoes are okay, but everything else is just the-40-year-old-who-accidentally-wore-the-wrong-outfit. It's not even in Miley Cyrus' age category to start with! She needs to fire her stylist. She has never looked her age. Failure at fashion. tsk tsk
3. Abigail Breslin. dub u tee eff. you're even younger than miley and you're wearing that?? It doesn't work. i mean the blazer and the scarf are okay but all those dark colors- gothic much?

4. Oh gawd. Another WTF? The shoes, they're not her. Not at all. And that pose? Work on it darling. The dress might be okay, but the pose just ruined everything. bleh

5. Ugh. The shoes don't go with that outfit. and that hair. do something about it please! This looks like she styled herself.

A better picture of LC: [gawd her hair's so long!]

She looks so cute!! She styles herself right? Well maybe she should, maybe, [XD] think of being a stylist hehehe. Love her style. ♥

Best couple pose:

Paris doesn't look bad. The two are actually a cute couple. [No, I am not saying you should idolize Paris Hilton.] Shawn and Mark- haha cute pose. Mark's pretty sexy XD. Shawn's a bit casual...
Another "couple":

So cute!!!

Zach needs to trim or whatever. the really long look does not look good on him at all:

Mmm. For interesting choice...

Leighton Meester! I mean, i get if she was trying to be like Miranda Kerr, but eh, it doesn't really work. I mean i applaud you for trying, but it only works for certain people.

and another nice-try-but-it's-not-for-your-body-type:

Sexaayyyyyy Beast!!!! Rawrrr ♥

fucking hot.

my dream stylist [other than rachel zoe]


Great dress. Love the heels. hair... different... ok... works

WORKS LOVELY!! The dress probably only works on her :]
Lauren Conrad- MTVMusic Awards
, 6:59 PM

Not the usual, but not horrible. Somehow it looks a bit off from this angle...

Heidi Klum
, 5:33 PM

Such a gorgeous and cute person XD. Her interviews are so funny.

Slumdog vs. Twilight rant
, 5:25 PM

So I keep hearing that Slumdog Millionaire and Twilight are having a competition for Best Movie award but to be honest, Twilight was a horrible movie. The only reason they could win is because everyone just loves Twilight the book series. The movie was horribly made with scenes that skipped from one to another, the transitions were horrible, the acting was horrible at times. Slumdog Millionaire deserves it much more- though I haven't seen it.
Guys Choice - Hayden & Mila
, 4:41 PM

Hayden looks gorgeous!!! Her t-shirt dress looks fab on her, and paired with fabulous heels :] The Stella Mccartney dress picture looks horrible- the color's all faded. Which is why i only trust net-a-porter.com, but I couldn't find it on there :[

Mila Kunis looks so pretty! The Mint dress reminds me of hers. XD
DVF advice
Saturday, May 30, 2009, 12:14 PM

She does give the best advice-

"New Moon" 15 second trailer
Friday, May 29, 2009, 9:40 PM

Only a bit of the trailer. The full will be at the MTV awards show.

Burberry Event- Blake Lively
, 9:25 PM

Love the outfit! I've worn something of the like before, ex out the heels- wishing for some.

Horrid Pose. I feel like she needs to work on not sticking out her boobs out as much.

Same Here: [Adam silk playsuit found here]

They're already pretty big, no need to make them look even bigger. You would think they get taught how to pose for pictures. Show off your good, hide your bad.
Scott Speer
, 8:53 PM


And then he takes off his sunglasses.... [why does this happen to so many guys?]

Jennifer Hudson
, 4:50 PM

I feel like she can sing waay better than this... she sounds so out of breath here- she would have definitely been voted off of American Idol if she had sung like this. Of course I haven't heard a lot of her songs so I don't really know.

Bee Line to the Coconut
, 4:40 PM

HILARIOUS. I love Ellen.

Megan Foxayyy
Tuesday, May 26, 2009, 9:02 PM

Entertainment Weekly Photo Shoot. More photos here
She's gorgeous. <3

, 5:18 PM

"Wait... so you hated each other [Heidi and Audrina] because...?" -LC

"And we hated each other because... Spencer," LC points at both herself and Stephenie.

"And you hated her because..." LC points at Lo.

"What are you trying to say?"- Stephenie.

"Nothing, I just noticed a pattern." LC fixes her napkin.

[not accurate but what I remember]
, 5:09 PM

"...But I get a seatbelt tan." -Lauren Conrad
"Oh do you wear your seatbelt like this?" Stephenie Pratt makes a diagonal swipe through the air in front of her body.
"Yeah, how do you wear your seatbelt?" Lauren questions.

HAHAHA. Stephenie... Failure at life.

, 5:01 PM

Cute Clothes. Gorgeous Model.


What is it with blondes?
, 12:08 AM

Why do people think they're cool by cussing, or sticking up their middle fingers? Par example,profile pictures.
Monday, May 25, 2009, 8:46 PM

I ♥ her.

The Proposal
Sunday, May 24, 2009, 10:40 PM

"When Betty White says she wants a cup of coffee, you better get her a fucking cup of coffee."

To be honest, I'm only gonna see this because of Ryan haha. He's so cute!!
"La Merde" Chapter 3
, 6:20 PM

The Girl: Chantelle Paradis
The Outfit: Miu Miu silk dress, paired with Christian Louboutin peep-toe platforms , black YSL handbag, Sunshine & Shadow tie-dye silk scarf tied around the head, and finished with a pair of Linda Farrow gold-plated oversized sunglasses.
The Location: Tiffany's, New York
Date: Sunday, June 13 2008
Weather: Sunny

"But Joooordaan," Chantelle whined like a little girl, "I want this one." She pointed at a gold bangle.
"But doesn't silver match your eyes more?" Jordan was about to give up.
"Yeah... but silver doesn't match my outfit as well," Chantelle looked over at Jordan and made her signature when-I-don't-get-what-I-want pout.
"Fine, fine." Jordan caved. He handed his credit card to the impatient grey-haired man who smiled as he grabbed the thin metallic object out of Jordan's strong grip.
"Thank you thank you thank you!!!" Chantelle jumped up and down and embraced her fiancee.
Jordan couldn't do anything but chuckle and kiss her on her forehead.
"Here you go miss," the salesman handed Chantelle the famous Tiffany blue bag with her gold bangle safely protected inside within a Tiffany blue box tied with white ribbon.
"Thanks," Chantelle squeaked as she frolicked out the doors.
"How old is that girl? Is she even ready to get married?" Was what Chantelle would have overhead from the employees, but she was too busy humming her own made up melody.
"So where to now?" Jordan's mint breath tickled Chantelle's ear. His tight arms wrapped around her waist.
Chantelle twisted her head to face Jordan. "I think I have an appointment in about an hour so I'll need to head back, and that'll last about two hours..." she was calculating the time in her brain, "so that'll end around four thirty... and then I'm meeting Emma to finalize the wedding plans, that will last about an hour or two... and then I guess we'll freshen up for dinner with the group!" Chantelle finished.
Jordan sighed, "Alrighty then, I'll probably go hit the gym and shoot some hoops with the guys. I'll be back around five to go over the plans with you and Emma." Jordan grinned.
Chantelle pressed her right hand against his left cheek and got on her tip toes to kiss him. After a few seconds, their towncar arrived, and Alfred opened the doors for them. "Bonjour mademoiselle et monsier."
Chantelle blushed. She thought of how in about a month, she would be Madame Dais.
"Bonjour Alfred, a la maison!" Jordan said in a thick American accent as they got in.
Chantelle giggled.
"What?" Jordan smiled and tickled Chantelle.
"Stoooop! Hahahahahahah!" She tried to grab Jordan's hands but he was too strong for her. "No no, I can't breathe," she gasped for air.
"If I stop will you do it with me?" Jordan asked quietly.
Chantelle's smile quickly faded. She ripped his hands away from her waist and sat up straight. She put her bag on her lap and looked out the window.
Jordan gave a frustrated sigh. "I'm sorry." He grabbed her hand, but she pulled it away. "I was just joking." Jordan knew it was the lamest excuse but it was partially true.
"We've already had this conversation and I don't appreciate you bringing it up again, and in this car out of all places!" Chantelle had turned to face him, her teeth clenched, seething.
"So you'd be okay if we had this conversation in someone else's car?" Jordan joked.
Chantelle fumed. "Oh ha, ha. You're so funny." The words were dripping with sarcasm.
"Look, I'm a guy, I don't want to wait. Why do we have to be all traditional? Why can't we do it now?"
"Do you not know how much this means to me? Do you know this tradition," she made quotes around the word tradition, "has been in the family forever?"
"So did your dad break the tradition by having your sister with another woman?"
"Half-sister," she corrected him, "and he's a mitch. Why'd you have to bring that up anyway?" Chantelle started sobbing. Black tears were dripping down her cheeks.
"I'm sorry Telly," Jordan scooted next to her, and held her head to his chest. He rubbed her back and rested his chin on top of her head as he continued apologizing for bringing up the sensitive subject.
Chantelle wiped her tears away, lifted her head up from his chest, grabbed the mirror out of her bag to check her reflection. "There's no need to apologize. There's alway some truth in criticism." She said tonelessly.
"I wasn't critisizing!" Jordan was becoming agitated.
"Oh you weren't? Making fun of my values and my family's tradition?"
"I was just," he let out another frustated sigh, "nevermind. I respect your decision to wait until after marriage." He put on a fake smile.
"Well thank you." Chantelle finished. The couple sat on opposite sides of the invisible brick wall they had put up.
Saturday, May 23, 2009, 2:19 PM

"So much of love is being vulnerable. How can a man love what he cannot hurt?"

Quote from "Cathy's Ring" By Sean Stewart (Author), Jordan Weisman (Author), Cathy Brigg (Illustrator)
Thursday, May 21, 2009, 9:35 PM

So I know a good rerun site- ch131.com
but one of the horrible things is that the site links the rerun episode to a site called megavideo [mostly, sometimes it uses other sites] , but then viewers get a limited time to watch the episode and it stops and you have to wait about an hour before watching again, but you have to wait for it to buffer all over again. So i found this info: http://watch-tv-shows.tv/megavideo-hack-to-watch-full-megavideo-videos-for-free/ and it talks about what to do so that the episode won't stop right when it gets intense lol. am i making sense here?
, 6:32 PM

A review I found on hulu.com by Michael M.

SNL has always been a little hit-or-miss, but the last half dozen seasons have really tested my faith in this classic show's writers. This skit is a perfect example of lackluster writing. Being a member of SNL used to mean that you were talented and, if you were in need of an extra funny bone.. or acting bone.. or musical bone.. being part of this show would throw you one.Long have the good days of SNL writing passed. No more O'Brian - Schneider comedy stew, no more Seth, no more Sandler, no more david spade, and sure as heck no more Gilda Radner. All gone, either passing on from this life all together or just moving away from the SNL family, these fantastic writers only to name a few are but memories of the good comedy writing we once knew and loved.Now, we face a "new-age" of writing. I style that is a combination of slapstick and crude innuendos, but slapstick can be too hard to deliver on a live stage and crude humor should be an "accent".. not a "main course". This show has strayed away from intelligent humor hidden within silliness without extinguishing the literal value of the show itself and the time the viewer is putting into watching it. You get the feeling they're looking to attract a younger audience, much younger.. to the point that their target audience might as well be in bed by SNL's air time.As I step down from my soap box in hopes that someday soon the writers at SNL will awaken to an understanding of "funny" as their predecessors no doubt once did. That, or just fire them all and start over from scratch.

I definitely agree with this for whenever I watch SNL clips, none of them make me laugh really- it's just stupidity and annoying jokes that are somehow appealing to today's children who listen to rap that say motherfucker every few seconds.
Holy Bajeezus
Wednesday, May 20, 2009, 5:25 PM

"La Merde" Chapter 2
Sunday, May 17, 2009, 9:15 PM

The Girl: Celia Lavynske
The Outfit: Stella Mccartney silk pants worn as high-waisted, over a Matthew Williamson embellished tulle tank top. Finished with a See by Chloe blazer, Jimmy Choo heels, Chloe pleated clutch, and Gucci oversized sunglasses
The Location: in the back of a towncar, New York
Date: Sunday, June 13 2008
Weather: Sunny

"Bye hon," Celia kissed Nadine's cheek. "We need to talk," she whispered in Nadine's ear before they parted and into their separate town cars.
"To home, Carl," Celia commanded to her driver as she dialed Patrick's number.
"Hey Ce, what's up?" Her husband said once he picked up. Celia always loved his early-morning-just-woken-up voice, and it was even better that he had a British accent.
"I'm coming home from brunch with the girls, do you want anything? I can stop by somewhere." Celia smiled into the phone, she always loved spoiling him. She knew she'd be horrible at being a good parent.
"Mhmmm..." he thought for a second, "I'll have Danielle make some pancakes or something for me, no worries honey bear. But thanks." Celia could tell through the phone that he was doing that sexy smile of his.
"Okay then, well I'll see you in about ten. Kisses." Celia ended the call when her phone vibrated.
[12:11:34] Serena: C, better come over to pick up some of the stuff for the charity next week!
[12:11:39] Celia: Oh yeah, I almost forgot, thanks for reminding me- I'll be right there!
"Sorry Carl, but we'll have to go to Serena's first."
"Yes ma'am," Carl replied.
[12:12:01] Celia: Hey hon, got to go to S's to finish up for the charity next week- see you in about an hr!
She waited for a reply, but there was none. In the shower, she thought.
Her phone vibrated again. "Or not," she mumbled as she look down at the phone's screen. "Oh gawd," she said once she saw who it was.
"CEEEEEEE!" Sophia shouted through the phone.
Celia winced. "Did he leave you again?" She asked in a motherly tone. It was their usual weekly ritual.
"Yes and he... he.... he," she was sobbing, "he locked me out!!!!!!!" She was hiccuping and blowing her nose at the same time. It sounded like a mess.
"I'm guessing you're at my place?" Celia asked.
"Yes! And Rick isn't responding to my calls or anything!"
"I'll be right there, don't worry hon." Sophia ended the call before she became permanently deaf.
"I'm so so sorry Carl but, it's Sophia." Celia made an 'I'm-sorry-but-what-can-I-do?' face.
"No worries Mrs. Lavynske."
[12:18:47] Celia: Sophia's downstairs, let her up. I'll be there asap.
[12:18:52] Celia: Sorry but I can't right now, later? Or maybe tomorrow?"
[12:19:07] Serena: Fine
Celia sighed and looked out the window. So much for a peaceful day.
"La Merde" Chapter 1
Friday, May 15, 2009, 6:27 PM

The Girl: Nadine Chapel
The Outfit: feather covered gilet over white tank top, black skinny jeans, gold YSL tribute sandals, brown Hermes Birkin bag with a pink scarf tied around one of the handles, and Fendi sunglasses
The Location: in the back of a towncar, New York
Date: Sunday, June 13 2008
Weather: Sunny

Nadine stubbed out her cigarette in the metal ashtray on her right armrest as she flipped open her newly arrived Vogue and took a sip of her Starbucks. As she looked over the glossy pages, she thought to herself about how fantastic her life had become. 'Daddy I'm so sorry, I'm so s-s-sorry yeah. We just like to party, like to p-p-party yeah. Bang Bang! We're beautiful and dirty rich...' Nadine searched her Birkin bag for her phone as she tried to balance her drink and Vogue.
"Yes?" She held the Blackberry to her ear with her shoulder.
"Mademoiselle Chapel!" The maid shouted from the other line.
"Oui Melanie, tu n'as pas besoin de crier; je peux te comprendre.
"Le monsieur a telephones! Il a telephones!" The lady sounded frantic.
"Qui? Le...monsieur...?" Nadine searched through her brain. She gasped. "Le monsieur? Non non non, ce n'est pas possible. Il m'a trouve?" She mumbled the last phrases to herself. "Merci pour m'avoir dit, mais je dois partir. Au revoir!" She ended the call as quick as possible and threw the piece of shit that had ruined her day before 10 am, onto the leather seat next to her. "Jesu Cristo." She whispered and downed the rest of her drink. "John, we'll have to make a small detour to Dior before brunch with the girls."

"Bonjour Mademoiselle, comment ca va?" A young saleswoman dressed in a pink Dior suit asked.
"Bien." Nadine grinned, showing off her perfect teeth. She walked past the lady and to the bags section where she picked up a white Dior Le Trente Drawstring Tote, examined it, and then put it back.
"Do you need any assistance ma'am?" Another saleswoman came rushing over, a big fake smile plastered on her botoxed face.
"Yes, I'll have this," Nadine pointed at the Dior she had picked up a few seconds ago, "in black, white, pink, and brown." Nadine started walking towards the shoes section, when she turned and said, "And please put them in separate bags." She gave the lady a tight-lipped smile and strutted off.

"Heeeeeeey girls!" Nadine greeted her friends who were already sitting at their usual table reserved for Sunday brunch. Some people went to praise the Lord, but Nadine and her friends praised Chanel, Dior, and YSL. Muah muah, Nadine gave Chantelle a peck on each cheek, hugged Sophia, and surprised Celia with one of the Dior shoppping bags.
"Ahhh!" Celia shouted as she grabbed the black Dior Tote out of the bag.
"I'm glad you like," Nadine grinned, "but please, quieter, people are staring, and for the first time, I don't exactly want this attention."
They all giggled at Nadine's conceited-sounding comment.
"So... where's mine and Sophia's?" Chantelle eagerly asked.
"Oh, I would never forget about you two!" Nadine said as she handed Chantelle the bag containing the pink Dior, and Sophia, the brown Dior.
The girls excitedly clapped their hands like little girls before they tore the bags away from Nadine's grasp. Celia, always the more sophisticated one, looked from the girls to Nadine.
"Oh no, what happened this time?" She knew about Nadine's compulsive disorder to shop whenever there was something wrong.
"Nothing." Nadine sipped her orange juice.
"You're horrible at lying." Sophia said matter-of-factly.
"Look, there's nothing going on. I just passed by Dior on my way here and decided to get you all some prezzies since my anniversary with Zach is coming up soon." Nadine took a bite out of her chocolate chip pancake. She usually didn't like eating such fattening foods, but Sunday was the day of breaking the rules, though of course not the rules of fashion.
"OhmygawshIalmostforgot!Sowhen'stheparty?" Chantelle asked excitedly, her green-blue eyes widening.
Nadine crossed her black-True-Religion-Stella-skinny-jean-wearing legs, and fixed her Sonia Rykiel feather covered gilet before answering. "Mmm yeah, we're thinking of having the party at my house...a more intimate setting. It's our second year anniversary so I'm thinking it should just be close friends and family. I really don't want the media." She finished. "Oh my gawd these strawberries and kiwis are gooood!"
"Let me try!" Sophia and Chantelle sprung up from their seats with their sharp silver forks pointing daggers at Nadine's fruit salad.
"Okay okay calm down," Nadine slid the bowl to the center of the table where they all demolished the deliciousness together. She decided to wait to tell them the news. It was Sunday after all, the day of the rest. Or as they liked to call it, the drama-free day.
Thursday, May 14, 2009, 6:51 PM

Ironically... in a way
Thursday, May 7, 2009, 9:17 PM

I've been watching Sex and the City reruns and I'm finally on Season 5 when I hear Carrie comment: "These are troubled times- people with real jobs are getting laid off. This is not a good economy in which to be.. whipped cream." Season 5 Episode 2, Unoriginal Sin, in 2002. Was there a economic depression then? I don't know, I was still too naive to pay attention to such news. But it is 2009, and we are in a depression, and "people with real jobs are getting laid off". I just found it kinda cool XDD.
Favorite Song of the Moment
Tuesday, May 5, 2009, 7:40 PM

Been watching Sex and the City reruns and in season 4, episode 13, the song playing around the end [starting with Samantha at the pool], I suddenly fell in love with it. By Your Side
New York Quote
Sunday, May 3, 2009, 6:47 PM

“There are roughly three New Yorks. There is, first, the New York of the man or woman who was born there, who takes the city for granted and accepts its size, its turbulence as natural and inevitable. Second, there is the New York of the commuter—the city that is devoured by locusts each day and spat out each night. Third, there is New York of the person who was born somewhere else and came to New York in quest of something. Of these trembling cities the greatest is the last—the city of final destination, the city that is a goal. It is this third city that accounts for New York’s high strung disposition, its poetical deportment, its dedication to the arts, and its incomparable achievements. Commuters give the city its tidal restlessness, natives give it solidity and continuity, but the settlers give it passion.” -E.B. White

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