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A little rant... :]
Monday, April 20, 2009, 10:52 PM

Life is hard. I agree. Life is definitely hard when you have to choose what to wear for school the next day or to eat out or in. All of us say life is confusing and hard, but it's not when clothes and shoes are handed to you on a gold plate. The money used to buy the things you wear and eat aren't even from you, so technically is under the ownership of your guardians or parents. We take life for granted; which is a sentence I do not yet understand a hundred percent. Life is hard when you're tremendously opinionated but you can never find the right words to express your feelings. Life is hard when you want to do something but you can't get there because of family difficulties. Life is definitely hard when you can't use the shower because your brother or sister is in there. Life is hard when you don't know when your next meal is. For many of the lucky ones today, think about others please, think about what you have. Be a bit more independent; no I do not mean go to the movies with your friends, pay for your own clothes and food, think for yourself. Life is not full of servants ready to answer your question, life does not include a bell to tell you when to get to class, life is a struggle. Try to be smart, because stupidity won't get you nowhere. Life is hard when the deaf want to hear the beautiful rich melodies, life is hard when the blind want to make art, life is hard. And if you think life is hard just because you don't understand your homework or your brain is so full of shit and can't make room for important information related to your education, then just go shoot your head off, because what good can that shitty brain do for you? DEAL WITH IT. There's way worse people out there, and you're lucky you can spend three dollars on a Starbucks drink while the homeless can't even find water. Life isn't easy, you only get one chance at it, don't be an idiot. Life is definitely hard when you have to do chores everyday and get paid a million bucks to sing horribly.

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