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Tuesday, March 17, 2009, 3:34 PM

In: Shoulder Pads
I've stolen a couple blazers from my mom's closet and I've been loving them and wearing them, so one day a couple weeks ago, I wore this red blazer, and of course it has shoulder pads [anyone who didn't know that, no offense, but stupidd!] So my friends were like "You're wearing shoulder pads!" and like making a big deal about it, and I'm just like, "these are people who know nothing about fashion." Of course my blazers are vintage; they're my mum's for goodness sake. So and then I see all these awesome pics from NY fashion week and guess what?! SHOULDER PADS ARE BACK! Just like Doc Martens or w/e they're called, except I probably won't wear them. So HA in yo face. I feel cool for wearing Shoulder Pads BEFORE NY fashion week came along XD. I'm physic like that. I hope i spelled that right...

Out: The Secret Life Of The American Teenager
Such a bad show. I stopped watching it a while ago because it was horrible. The acting was horrible. Though I like Ricky XD. But it's such a bad show I just stopped. I don't care about it. Just horrid.

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