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I've got lots of blogging to do...
Monday, February 16, 2009, 2:36 PM

Today will be the day of posts. I'll be posting too much for you to count. I have all these tabs open ready for copying the links/pictures onto a post of mine. Which is why it's seriously slowing down my youtube playlist. Gah!

First. Abercrombie & Fitch. NEVER liked that store. I remember in 7th grade when I was a loser, I decided to look at their clothes and I actually thought their stuff was cute [same goes to Hollister]. I wanted to actually buy their crap. But I never did -wipes forehead-. Now I have like a couple items from Hollister that I don't want. It's in my pile of donation stuff.

So when I heard about their profits falling, I jumped for joy. Mentally, not literally. It felt good to know less people care about A&F. It's out. It's done. TOPSHOPISCOMINGTOUS! woooo! Did you get that? Maybe I should slow it down for you. TOPSHOP IS COMING TO THE US! It's coming to NY which is about a couple hours away from here :[ But at least I know that when I go to NY, i can finally go shopping at Topshop! Wooo! -dances around the room-

Well that's bout it for this post. I'm gonna go to lunch. laterr


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