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Introductions are Fun.
Tuesday, February 3, 2009, 5:52 PM

Nawt. Intros are deff nawt fun. But I guess I have to do one since I deleted all the previous posts. [There goes more than 70 posts] So a lot about me is written on the right side bar so there's nawt too much else for me to say. :] If you ever have questions or wanna talk, then leave a comment ---> or you could IM me at: chynisgrl . OR, email me at: chynisgrl@aol.com
Yeah. By the way, I'm a really random girl, who's really opiniated and loves fashion. I'm probably the weirdest person you'll meet but if you're cool then it's alll gooood :] I can be pretty hilarious, if you're chill and don't think you're all that. I put my guard down pretty easily but sometimes it's harder if you're nawt yourself :] ♥ I'm also a big Polyvore fan :] The link to my profile is on the right, the box with Polyvore written on it- you should go check it out :]

Honestly Honey

Let's begin. Today was Blue Day; yay! I'll just give y'all readers [no, i am nawt texan, but y'all is cooler sounding than you guys, at times] a summary of my day :]

1st period. English: so. the teacher is tres humorous. but it's morning. erghhhh. I got a B+ in that class for first semester; and only in that glass I got something lower than an A, so I'm pissed at myself for nawt studying for tests XD. So nothing too exciting about that class except I kept wanting to tell Megan, my best friend [:)] a dream I had last night about accidentally causing a kitten, small enough to fit in your palm, to fall down these stairs, but it didn't fall down stairs, it fell off the banister like thing and it was so sad. It was just the cutest kitten! gray and small. so adorable :]]]]] but the dream was freaking sad- i was like 'OHSHITIKILLEDIT!NOOOOO' but miraculously, it only broke a segment of it's backbone... weird dream weird dreams.

2nd period. Math: always a fun class. We get off subject just as easily as in english, but there are more sophomores in this class :] we were talking about which sports people have gotten caught with drugs, like Lance Armstrong, an american cyclist [it's another one], Michael Phelps. I was surprised- I usually don't pay attention to gossip in general so it's always surprising to hear about it :]

3rd period. French: woo! Today was crepe day, so delicieux! We made them with electric crepe makers lol- fun stuff. Nutella is freaking awesome- I like it as much as I love chocolate :]

4th period. History: ohmy. I'm so hyper in that class. We had a substitute today and watched a movie about Jared Diamond's "Guns, Germs, and Steel" part 3. I actually like Jared Diamond's theories, and I totally agree with him. i sound like a total geek at the moment probably, but today's segment was about Europe going into Africa and shit and there was a part when mr. Diamond visited a hospital where a lot of children with malaria were staying and it was so sad! He started crying into his hands and I started tearing up. I hate it when people make fun of guys who cry or just people who cry- because it's very judgemental and mean and it's like you have no feelings whatsoever. I find guys who can share feelings and cry a bit, very sexy :] It just shows me that at least they have feelings and aren't always so full of themselves.

So the moral of the day has nothing to do with these classes but it was during lunch. So I'm eating lunch and then I look around and I see a friend of mine picking off the tomato and lettuce of her sandwich while keeping the ham and cheese. it takes a couple minutes to take all the stuff out and then im just like 'what the fuck. tomatoes and lettuce is healthy for you. you keep the cheese and ham, that is just unhealthy by itself.' and I made a comment about her picking out the tomatoes and lettuce and she's just like "so?" and I'm just shaking my head. It just shows how us average americans are like. my other friend was also like "so? what's the problem? it's not like it's unhealthy" and she went on for just a few more seconds but I forgot what she said. But i do remember it was an excuse and I'm just thinking, we americans make up too much excuses which is a reason for all the obese americans today. like I truly think we do make too many excuses for diseases, actions, habits, etc; and all this is causing us to do worse things and make up more excuses and then our world will become extinct. So stop making excuses gosh darnit.


TLA - 2/1 SUPERBOWL - by chynisgrl♥© on Polyvore.com

CA- 2/2 Sleepover
CA- 2/2 Sleepover - by chynisgrl♥© on Polyvore.com

TLA- 1/31 Lunch with LC
TLA- 1/31 Lunch with LC - by chynisgrl♥© on Polyvore.com

TLA - 2/1 Flying Back
TLA - 2/1 Flying Back - by chynisgrl♥© on Polyvore.com

CA- 2/1 Gala
CA- 2/1 Gala - by chynisgrl♥© on Polyvore.com

TLA- 1/25 Swimming
TLA- 1/25 Swimming - by chynisgrl♥© on Polyvore.com

TLA- 1/25 Brunch [Dedicated to: all PolyvoreFriends]
TLA- 1/25 Brunch [Dedicated to: all PolyvoreFriends] - by chynisgrl♥© on Polyvore.com

TLA- 1/23 Clubbing!
TLA- 1/23 Clubbing! - by chynisgrl♥© on Polyvore.com

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